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  • EMDR

  • Infertility/pregnancy loss support/post-partum depression

  • Assistance with family planning/third party reproduction (sperm and egg donors, and gestational carriers)

  •  Weight-loss counselling, fitness and nutrition consultations

  •  Walk-therapy

  •  Phone/Skype counselling

  •  Couples counselling/relationship therapy

  •  Trauma/crisis counselling

  •  Anxiety/depression/insomnia counselling

  •  Emotional eating/binge eating therapy


Individual therapy:

Erica provides counselling for anxiety, depression, confidence/self-worth building, finding meaning/purpose, and lifestyle/behaviour change to promote mental health.

Couples counselling:

Erica works with straight and LGBTQ+ couples to improve communication, conflict resolution and intimacy. She works with any couples at any stage in their life or relationship.

Infertility counseling:

Erica works with individuals and couples struggling with infertility and/or grieving pregnancy or perinatal loss. Erica also guides clients through the process of using egg/sperm/embryo donors and surrogates.


Erica welcomes LGBTQ+ clients seeking therapy or looking for counselling around building a family.


Erica offers EMDR therapy for clients who have trauma or phobias.

Walk Therapy:

Exercise helps people with cognitive processing and decision-making and reduces depression and anxiety. Exposure to nature does the same. Sessions with Erica can be done walking outdoors if desired.

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