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Erica Berman, Registered Psychotherapist

Meet Erica

Erica is a Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto who is dedicated to helping clients develop the skills and confidence to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.


She is also passionate about fitness, nutrition, research, books, and silly puns.

Training and Education

Erica has a BA and MA in Sociology, a PhD in Exercise Sciences, and a Masters in Counselling Psychology.


She holds special certificates in Infertility Counselling, Perinatal Mental Health Training, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Restructuring (EMDR) as well as training in

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


Erica’s specialties include infertility/pregnancy loss/medical terminations, third party family building (donors and surrogates), pregnancy mental health, postpartum depression/anxiety/OCD, relationship counselling, anxiety, depression, and trauma therapy.

How Counselling with Erica Works

Erica does a thorough client history during the first session. She and the client establish the client's goals for counselling and Erica suggests the best strategies to achieve those goals.


Erica and the client will decide the frequency for meeting based on what the client is trying to achieve, their schedule, and their budget.


Erica aims to have clients achieve their goals as quickly as possible, but if clients want to meet regularly on an ongoing basis for consistent support, she is happy to do so.


Erica is currently conducting sessions virtually, by video or phone, but also does walk therapy, where she and a client can go for a walk outdoors while conducting the session.

Sunrise sessions: Erica offers 7:15am phone sessions. These can be done from the comfort of your home, or, like Erica, you can get outside and walk and talk. Getting outdoors and moving your body early in the day helps with mood, sleep regulation and can improve fitness.

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